Ladies League

The league will begin the week of May 1st until the week of September 11th (20 weeks in total). It will be a $60 buy in to cover an awesome year end meal and prizes/money for all. It is possible that we will host other league events (breakfasts etc) based on interest. We will also offer a reduced green fee for your league round as well as for our Thursday Ladies Fun Day. For example, if you play your league round on Monday, but also want to come out on Thursday to play with the group, you will receive the league rate both times.

Your league game can be played anytime Monday – Friday, but you cannot play alone as your golfing partner needs to sign off on your score. We do offer 20 round game packs for convenience that you can purchase ahead of time.

League pricing will be as follows:

18 holes walking – $27.20 + hst

18 holes with cart – $44.20 +hst

9 holes walking – $18.70 + hst

9 holes with cart – $31.45 + hst

Thursday Ladies’ Fun Day

We will be organizing a Thursday “fun day” each week split up into two time slots, one in the morning and one in the evening. To participate you will need to register in advance so that the appropriate number of tee times can be blocked off. Of course we will always try to accommodate if you forget to register and want to come out. You are not required to play your league round as part of the Thursday groups, but you are welcome to do so if you’d like.

The morning block will start at 9am and the evening block will start at 5:30pm. The clubhouse will draw names ahead of time to scramble you up and assign you a tee time in Tee On. As long as you have your email address with us you will receive a notification email of your tee time.

Thursdays will also be an additional $2 pay in that will get split up and payed out the following week based on “mystery criteria” each week.

To register for the league please email ebader@belmontgolfclub.com. Payment at this time can be made via cash in the clubhouse. Registration closes Thursday, May 11th.

Ultimately we really just want to have fun and help you to meet other ladies who also love to golf. We look forward to seeing you out there this year!


Mens League

Mens’ League will be a nine hole league on Tuesday evenings, alternating front and back 9. Everyone playing will meet at the clubhouse at 5:20pm, be scrambled up and then tee off times start at 5:30. Tuesday nights will need to be preregistered for in two weeks in advance in the clubhouse so that we can block off the appropriate number of Tee Times. We will always leave a little wiggle room though 🙂

If you are not able to make it out on Tuesday nights you can play your league game any day Monday to Friday at the league rate. You can play 9 or 18, but only 9 will count for league play. You will need to let clubhouse staff know that you are playing your league game, and cannot play alone so that you have someone to sign off on your score. Of course we would encourage you to play during the Tuesday time slot to facilitate the social aspect of a league. Mens league games must be announced before the round begins, and it is NOT just the best round scored that week for yourself.

Front and back nine will alternate for our scoring each week, therefore if you just come and play 9 holes you would have to alternate each week, but if you do enjoy playing 18, just the 9 holes being used that week will count towards the score. After the first few weeks we will split into divisions similar to skill level, and will compete each week within those divisions.

Scoring will be simple:
If there is 10 guys in a division, lowest score will get 10 points that week, second lowest getting 9, and so on. If there are any big issues with divisions after the first few weeks, we can easily tweak them and readjust the division scoring. If you miss a full week, your score for that week would just be 1 (the lowest score possible for each division).

Scorecards to be turned into the pro shop each week, being picked up Friday night/Saturday morning for that week, so I can do scoring by Monday. Please include first and last names.

As for rules and pace of play, we ask that we play a gentleman’s game, not rolling the ball or improving lies. If you lose a ball, take a minute or two to look, if it’s lost, drop, take a stroke and move on.
Yes there are times the course may have some bad areas or wet conditions and we will announce that week if the rules will change or vary in anyway.

We have tournaments that we are looking to do in June, August, September and October. Dates will become available when we have them set.

League play will start May 2nd and run 20 weeks with the last week being September 12th. Score cards need to be turned in at the end of your round to the clubhouse.

Registration will be $60 to cover a year end dinner and prizes.

League Pricing will be as follows:

9 holes walking – $18.70 + hst

9 holes with cart – $31.45 + hst

18 holes walking – $27.20 + hst

18 holes with cart – $44.20 +hst

We do offer 20 round game packs for convenience that you can purchase ahead of time.

If anyone has any questions feel free to email Calvin at calvincatherwood@gmail.com or text at 519-871-3493.